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Why us


We are a company that goes all out for all our clients , we want to raise your self-confidence to drive your way to the success , in every lesson you will get all the attention that you need before your road tests. The lessons we offer reinforce your essential driving skills and allow you to address your concerns and practice your weakest skills. The techniques we explain in lessons will help you feel confident and competent before heading out on your own. If you have any questions or driving-related concerns or fears, we are always willing to help plan your suitable lessons .

All of our driving instructors are professionally trained and certified. They emphasize defensive driving and driver responsibility. Our instructors are comfortable with both teens and adults, and safety is their first priority. Lindani Driving School is fully certified driving school ,  At Lindani Driving School you will learn the foundations of safe driving, and there is an emphasis on the mechanics of driving, the execution of driving techniques and the rules of the road . The following are some of our key elements you will benefit from enrolling with Us .

You will receive the information you need to become a safe driver. You will be instructed in the correct mechanical aspects of operating a motor vehicle,You will learn signals, signs and markings, rules of the road, starting and stopping, parking, braking and turns, and other topics to become aware of the responsibilities you assume when you obtain your driver’s license.

• We have more than 11 years experience , Since 2003.
• We have more than 20 vehicles and trucks with it’s personal trainers.

•We have early dates for test.
• We have experience on how to teach beginners until they are best.

• We offer services to all testing grounds in KwaZulu Natal .
• Our vehicles are all in high quality & certified by Department of Transport.

• All our previous students recommends Us so greatly Click here for Visuals.
• We have a wide range of payments options.

• Step by step driving techniques you’ll be taught.
• We have 99 % passing rate.

• Your safety is our main priority , you are always safe and protected.
• We have a learners programs that are offered in South African languages.

• We are dedicated to produce a well qualified drivers at all times.
• Your success is our success , we are willing to deliver quality in any circumstances .

• We offer competitive pricing at all times and affordable payment methods.
• We are an institution that goes beyond your expectations in customers satisfaction .