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Steps to follow

Step by step instruction.

Come to us and we will explain all the information listed below.

Step 1

• Have an original I.D document
• Have a certified I.D copy
• Have a proof of your address.

Step 5

• Please carry a booking fee of R150.00
• Most schools are closer to Testing grounds
• Fill blue LL1 document
• Undergo an eye test
• Get the test date that suits you.

Step 2

• Get at least 4 photos
• Size must be in I.d size.

Step 6

• If you passed your learners test you’d be required to pay issuing fee of (R60.00)
• Once you have your learners license, You are
now ready to do lessons using a car
• Your favorite driving school must have
qualified instructors for you safety to teach you

Step 3

• Visit any of your favorite driving school
• Most driving school learners cost around R600
• Please note that this money is for study only!

Step 7

• Once you are perfect in driving, you now
allowed to go to testing ground.
• Bring original I.D document
• Bring your certified I.D copy
• Bring your proof of your address
• Book for your license test
• Get your test date.

Step 4

• Some training is done with hard copy
• Some training is done with computers
• Training is done with your desired language.

Step 8

• Hire a vehicle from from your driving school
• Vehicle rentals normal range from R800
• Bring your proof of bookings.
• Bring issuing fee for temporary license
• Once you pass your test, You’ll be offered a temporary license
• Hire a vehicle from from your driving school.